Monday, May 3, 2010

Cheap Pills!!!111!!!

The following is a conversation that recently occurred between myself and Shane:

Shane: I got an email from Jeff with a link to cheap Canadian pills. When I clicked it, it was just selling Via.gra. Why would he send that to me?

Erin: Oh, Shane. Did you really click the link?

Shane: Well, yeah. I don't understand why he'd think I'd be interested.

Erin: We need to change your email password. Emails like that mean that his account was hacked and generally, if you click the link, your account is now vulnerable, too.

Shane: No, no, it wasn't a spam email. It was from my cousin Jeff. It had his email and everything.

Erin: I know what you mean, but it wasn't really from him. A spam bot sends out emails to everyone in his address book.

We log into Shane's email, where he insists on showing me the subject line and how it was really sent from his cousin, until I finally convince him of it. Of course, it then takes me five minutes to change his email password because he has a HOTMAIL account and I haven't used Hotmail since high school. We finally change it and Shane says:
You're so smart. I'm so glad you're smart at this because I don't get it at all.

And that, my friends, is the understatement of the year.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Is That A Bold Roast?

Here it is... the story that launched a thousand ships. Okay, so not really, but it is the story that started the funny emails about my husband that eventually turned into this blog (shout out to Beth for the blog name--maybe someday I can get her to do a guest post on the time she saw Shane attempting to text).

One afternoon, Shane and I were heading into Starbucks. Now, there's not a Starbucks in our town, so we don't get there as often as we like. As we walked in, Shane pointed at the sign hanging in the window that said: "WiFi now available," and asked--100% serious--"Is WiFi a new drink?"

Once I stopped choking on my laughter, I said, "You know how with my laptop at home, we can just use it wherever in the house? That's Wifi." This then launched into an explanation on how you could also take your laptop to places that have Wifi, like Starbucks, and use it at those places.
I thought he understood, until a few weeks later, we were planning a trip that involved staying in a hotel. Unfortunately, Shane's technological confusion got the best of him when he wrote down the confirmation number for the hotel in which we were staying, but not the actual name of the hotel. This resulted in him calling multiple hotels, until he finally found where we were staying. I said, "I don't care where we stay, as long as there's free wifi." After verbally reminding himself that wifi was "the Starbucks thing," he said, "So, as long as there's wifi at the hotel, I can check my ebay account!?" I'm pretty sure the day that he learned that his ebay account was accesible from where the interwebs are was perhaps more meaningful than our wedding day.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

What Does URL Stand For?

Tonight, at my house:

Erin: Shane, can I start a blog that makes fun of you?
Shane: No!
Erin: But how would you even know if I did?
Shane: Fine, go ahead.
Erin: But HOW would you even know if I did? Do you know what a blog is?
Shane: Yes.
Erin: What is it?
Shane: It's a web blog.
Erin: You just defined the word with the word. What's a blog?
Shane: It has a theme. It's a webpage!
Erin: It's a webpage? Really?
Shane: It's a diary of your lameness.
Erin: Have you read my blog?
Shane: You have a blog!?
Leah, who is visiting: Where do you think she met all of her friends?
Shane: Email? Do they all have blogs, too, or something? Do you have a blog, Leah?
Leah: I don't really have much interesting to talk about.
Shane: Well, I KNOW Erin doesn't.

Check back for more stories about life with my husband, who is truly an 82 year old man trapped in a 36 year old's body. I'd tell you more right now, but I need to teach him how to use a calculator and a phone that ISN'T rotary dial. Stories might include Shane's ongoing confusion with WiFi (is it a kind of coffee or isn't it?), how he recently discovered this amazing new website called EBay, and the time that I accidentally had a baby on the stairs and he didn't notify anyone because he couldn't figure out how to work my iPhone (or as he calls it, "The magic box").