Monday, May 3, 2010

Cheap Pills!!!111!!!

The following is a conversation that recently occurred between myself and Shane:

Shane: I got an email from Jeff with a link to cheap Canadian pills. When I clicked it, it was just selling Via.gra. Why would he send that to me?

Erin: Oh, Shane. Did you really click the link?

Shane: Well, yeah. I don't understand why he'd think I'd be interested.

Erin: We need to change your email password. Emails like that mean that his account was hacked and generally, if you click the link, your account is now vulnerable, too.

Shane: No, no, it wasn't a spam email. It was from my cousin Jeff. It had his email and everything.

Erin: I know what you mean, but it wasn't really from him. A spam bot sends out emails to everyone in his address book.

We log into Shane's email, where he insists on showing me the subject line and how it was really sent from his cousin, until I finally convince him of it. Of course, it then takes me five minutes to change his email password because he has a HOTMAIL account and I haven't used Hotmail since high school. We finally change it and Shane says:
You're so smart. I'm so glad you're smart at this because I don't get it at all.

And that, my friends, is the understatement of the year.


  1. I love your PoorShane updates. They're a ray of hysterical sunshine on a cloudy day.

    Indeed.. I wish we could guest post on the poor shane blog!
    So.. my husband is just getting into twitter with his new online busness. I have hooked him up with a few people that I think could really help him get things moving. (seo and stuff) So one of the guys won a $50 gift card to Subway and said something about doing a tweet up and treating 10 friends to Subway. I @ my husband and tell him to tell this Scott guy that he wants to go. And get no response.
    Later that night I say "Hey, did you see the Scott wants to do a tweet up at Subway? You should go."
    He casually just responds.. "Naw, I dont think I could do that.."
    I go on and on about how good it would be for him to network with these guys.
    He responds "I just dont think I could tweet that fast. Isn't a tweet up just like a tweeting contest?"
    I just handed him Shane's number.

  3. Poor Shane. I wish it weren't so easy for me to empathize with him. LOL You have to admit, those spam bot emails ARE tricky. My computer guy (Brian) just tells me not to open anything - and I don't.