Saturday, April 24, 2010

What Does URL Stand For?

Tonight, at my house:

Erin: Shane, can I start a blog that makes fun of you?
Shane: No!
Erin: But how would you even know if I did?
Shane: Fine, go ahead.
Erin: But HOW would you even know if I did? Do you know what a blog is?
Shane: Yes.
Erin: What is it?
Shane: It's a web blog.
Erin: You just defined the word with the word. What's a blog?
Shane: It has a theme. It's a webpage!
Erin: It's a webpage? Really?
Shane: It's a diary of your lameness.
Erin: Have you read my blog?
Shane: You have a blog!?
Leah, who is visiting: Where do you think she met all of her friends?
Shane: Email? Do they all have blogs, too, or something? Do you have a blog, Leah?
Leah: I don't really have much interesting to talk about.
Shane: Well, I KNOW Erin doesn't.

Check back for more stories about life with my husband, who is truly an 82 year old man trapped in a 36 year old's body. I'd tell you more right now, but I need to teach him how to use a calculator and a phone that ISN'T rotary dial. Stories might include Shane's ongoing confusion with WiFi (is it a kind of coffee or isn't it?), how he recently discovered this amazing new website called EBay, and the time that I accidentally had a baby on the stairs and he didn't notify anyone because he couldn't figure out how to work my iPhone (or as he calls it, "The magic box").


  1. Wow, Shane's ineptitude with technology astounds me. Seriously.

  2. I love it. Sounds like hilarity shall ensue!


    You may or may not have an anonymous guest contributor for "Poor Jason" posts. :)

  4. this laugh is just what I needed tonight.

    Please thank Shane for me.

  5. Adding to favorites *right* now.

  6. :) - I know I hijack your blog with: one time i told the mr. that the wifi on his iphone (he does have that over Shane) wasn't working and he said "What's wifi?" And I told him it was how he got on the internet, and he said he could still get on the internet on his phone and I said that was through 3G, and he said "What is 3G?" And I said he wasn't allowed to have and iphone anymore.

  7. erin is made of awesome. :)
    shane? not so much...but u love him anyway. ;)

  8. Wifi. Is it a kind of coffee or isn't it?

    Can't you just hear that as an investigative report? That's hysterical.

  9. Omigosh! I so can't wait because it's starting out so FUNNY! (I'm trying not to think about the fact that I don't know the difference between internet and 3G) Maybe I'll learn and if not, I can still laugh. lol (at least I know what lol means so I've got that going for me, right?)

  10. just read this for the 2nd time and STILL cracked up again. OH, SHANE. i'm with him on some things, but the things that i'm not are SO FUNNY. he's awesome.
    did he really not know that you met all of us through blogs?!

  11. HA HA HA - this is so funny. :)

  12. Love it, and subscribed!! Ask Shane what he thinks a Reader is. :)


  13. LOL, Poor Shane! Love it, can't wait for future updates! :)